Factra manages a diverse portfolio of brands in the burgeoning industries of CBD, e-liquid and health food supplements space. Every brand has one thing in common, a total commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Brands

Ferocious Flavours

Ferocious was developed to give vapers an extensive range of high quality, high taste flavours. From soft drinks to desserts, fruit concoctions, seasonal flavours, and much more these E liquids offer something for everyone. Available in 10ml, 50/50 and 70/30 shortfills, our Ferocious range is by far our most diverse and a best seller on our website.


Spirited – Our special selection of cocktail inspired flavoured e-liquids. This range has been expertly crafted to replicate the taste of your favourite alcoholic beverage. We’ve also packaged these high quality cocktail flavours into an exclusive bundle.


Specialising in fruity, fizzy drink flavours, Fantasi has become an award winning e-liquid brand that has amassed a loyal following of vapers throughout the UK as well as internationally. With – sold each month/week/ year, Fantasi is one of our strongest brands at Factra and offers delicious, authentic vape juice flavours for the highest quality vape experience.

CBD Calm

A specialist brand, CBD Calm focuses on producing CBD e-liquids but we also offer other forms of CBD including gummies, oils and powders. CBD Calm has become the UK’s biggest online selling CBD brand and all of our products are carefully manufactured to CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) standards.


Vapoholic is our e-commerce website where we sell all of our own e-liquid brands as well as a number of different products from other brands. We’ve steadily become the UKs best rated vape shop and manufacture with a 95% customer satisfaction rate and over 1600 5 -star reviews to support the superiority of our products.


We’ve cornered a market with Debonair, creating a full range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids. Special mixologists have blended a range of tobacco strains and flavours into accurate, high quality tasting e-liquids. These premium liquids are best sellers with ex-smokers and lovers of traditional tobacco tastes.


Our newest venture, Fitimins focuses on revolutionising the vitamin industry through the production of mushroom based nootropics. Our mission for this brand is to help empower customers by providing high quality, high bioavailable, natural and mushroom based products. We offer the option to shop based on their health goals, creating a more personalised experience.

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